Raul Morin, Author, Writer and Commerical Artist
Turning to his passions for writing and art, Raul Morin had an extraordinary zest for life.

Through all of Raul Morin’s activities he maintained a steady work pace in his production of signs and art. These are some pictorials that came out of his sign shop. That’s him seated on the bottom right and his son Richard peering out from the artwork.

A milestone in Morin’s life came when he met Midget Martinez, an ex-bantamweight fighter of renown and then publisher of a local paper called, The Sports Page. He began writing articles and drawing cartoons for the paper and examined such issues as police brutality, and the disparity of the Grand Jury System. He also presented in rough form, the first drafts of his book, “Among the Valiant”.

It was through the efforts of Midget Martinez and the sponsorship of The Sports Page that Raul Morin was able to receive a press pass. This was a monumental step in more ways than one. He was able to access Latino sports figures and conducted some meaningful interviews, among them Beto Avila, major league baseball player and holder of the batting crown in 1952 and 1953. He also met with several world-class fighters and he got to meet the prominent wrestlers and even some recording artists and entertainers.

In a burst of inspiration he conceived of an entertainment package under the auspices of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. It was a barbecue, family picnic and a softball game involving famous boxers and wrestlers. Among the athletes involved in this encounter were: Art Aragon, Lauro Salas, Ramon Fuentes, Enrique Bolanos for the boxers and the wrestlers included Hombre Montana, Argentine Rocca, the Hernandez Brothers and others. One photograph shows Hombre Montana at the plate and another shows Lauro Salas with a fan. The event was a successful fund-raiser for the Post who used the money to sponsor Little League Baseball, Golden Gloves and Boy Scout activities.

It was with help from the Americn GI Forum that Raul Morin was able to publish his now-classic book, Among the Valiant.

He was the first person to chronical, in detail, the heroics of the Mexican-American soldier and provide information about Chicano Medal of Honor recipients. in World War II and Korea wars.

Raul's life became even busier with book signings, publicity meets and banquests to attend. Thrugh it all, he became better acquainted with politiciaans and other influential people.


Letter of appreciation from Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

Dr. Hector P. Garcia, founder of the American G.I. Forum, presenting "Among the Valiant" to Vice President Lyndon Johnson, who also wrote the foreward for the book.

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