Raul Morin Military Service
Joining the Army in 1944, Raul served in the 79th Infantry Division in the South of France.

The tranquility of his home life was disturbed by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the President decided that he had to combat the evil forces that caused war. That’s when Raul Morin received his draft notice. Here he is shown home on leave with his children.

Raul with his brother-in-law, Johnny Tijerina, before their deployment to Europe.

Raul Morin saw action in Europe and was wounded during the Battle of the Bulge.

Raul was a PFC in the 79th Infantry Division based in South of France. He was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, the Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medals.

V, or Victory mail, was a valuable tool for the military during World War II. In a lighter moment, from somewhere in France, Raul writes to his daughter, Olivia (whom he affectionately called "Chata"), satiring his new military attire.

Raul thinking of home...
An illustration and note to his wife and kids from somewhere in the European theater.

Raul Morin was injured during th Battle of the Bulge and his wounds were serious enough to warrant his return to the U.S. During his convalescence he had plenty of time to reflect on what he had been through.

It occurred to him that the Hispanic race had been drafted in great numbers and there had been very little mention of their contributions. Further examination of their records revealed that a great many of them had been cited for bravery and, in fact, had accumulated more Congressional Medals of Honor than any other ethnicity.

All of this was an inspiration fopr him to bring testimony through a project he had been planning.

(Article from Signs of the Times, December 1945)

His return to civilian life did not dampen his ideas even though he still had to earn a living and work on the means to present his ideas. This is Raul Morin with a new 1947 Oldsmobile that he acquired through a government program especially created for veterans like him.
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