Raul Morin Memorial Square

The monument dedicated to The Americans of Mexican Descent, and the monument dedicating this area as
Morin Memorial Square.

Dedication day, September 7, 1968, with resolution from the City Council of Los Angeles to preserve Raul Morin Memorial Square for posterity.

Raul Morin's peers and members of the community who knew him or his works decided to honor him with the dedication of the Raul Morin Monument in east Los Angeles. The site was the park area of the Five Points Area, which had an existing monument dedicated to The Americans of Mexican Descent, also created as an effort of Raul Morin working in tandem with the Latin American Civic and Cultural Committee.

The original purpose of the memorial area was to draw recognition to all those residents of the community who had served so honorably despite experiencing the most severe discrimination. It is now named for a man who made the plight of the veteran the salient theme of his life..an altogether fitting tribute.
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